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If you’re new to yoga, we know your first class can feel a bit daunting. But don’t worry, at Sutherland Yoga, we aim to cater for all levels, and we are friendly and approachable and always happy to chat and answer any questions you might have.

We will always help you find a version of a position that works for your body, and encourage you to make each class your own. We have two kinds of classes, ‘Feel Good Flow’ (Vinyasa style)and ‘Release and Restore’ (Yin style)

Individual/Small Group classes and workshops

If you prefer, you can always contact us to book an individual or small group session, so that you can get the hang of some of the basic postures and breathing techniques, or discuss any existing injury concerns, before you join a class.

Individual/small group classes are also great to take your practice to the next level, however experienced you are.


Feel Good Flow

‘Feel good flow’ (vinyasa style) increase your fitness and flexibility and strengthen body and mind, while flowing and moving slowly with the breath, combining all the benefits of a ‘work out’ with the calming, stress-relieving benefits of the yoga focus on mind, body and spirit.

Monday Feel Good Yoga Sutherland Yoga basic yoga class
Yin Yoga Classes Sutherland Yoga

Release and Restore

‘Release and restore’ (yin style) – release and relax muscle tension and stress in the body and mind, as we gently work our joints and ligaments and stimulate the energy lines in our body, rejuvenating, rebalancing and healing body, mind and spirit. A must in our busy,  stressful lives!

Strong and Peaceful

‘Strong and Peaceful’ (hatha style) – gently strengthen, lengthen and tone muscles, while aligning breath with body and mind, developing inner strength and deepening the healing mind-body connection, while letting go of stress.

Sutherland Yoga Classes & Timetables

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

This course is run over 6-10 weeks, and is for anyone who is feeling the impact of trauma (either trauma which has occurred in adulthood or those adults who have survived childhood trauma).

Recognising the impact of trauma on our bodies as well as minds, these classes increase our awareness and connection to our bodies through gentle movement and breathing practices.

Given that traumatic experiences allow us no choice or control when we are experiencing them, these classes offer lots of choice and alternatives, with an emphasis on always moving away from pain or discomfort towards comfort and ease.

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