Why Men (and Women!) Should Do Yoga

Why Men (and Women!) Should Do Yoga

While yoga was originally the domain of men (evidenced by the large beards of ancient Yogis),  if you’ve gone to any yoga classes in the West over the past 30 years, you’ll have noticed that the classes are full of women, with the odd scattering of ‘token’ men. However, all this is beginning to change as yoga starts to shed it’s ‘hippy’ image and mainstream science is showing the many physical, cognitive and emotional benefits of yoga for……well, anyone with a body and mind.

As one (male) friend told me recently, “I used to think yoga was a bit ‘girlie’ and would have been embarrassed to go to classes. But now so many of my Jujitsu mates are doing it, and these guys are in no way girlie!”. He began to do yoga (in secret in his own living room, initially), and noticed, an increase in flexibility and mobility and less back pain, which had plagued him since puberty. However, the most surprising result for him was being able to draw on the breathing and ‘mind calming’ techniques taught to him by a yoga teacher (he finally took the plunge!), during Jujitsu competitions. “Where I would have panicked and struggled in situations where I was being overpowered, and be stuck in ‘fight or flight mode’, I found that if I breathed slowly through my nose and into my belly, I could conserve energy, and think calmly about my next move”. He then found that he could draw on these same techniques when he might otherwise have felt overwhelmed at work, “I try and use the breathing techniques and muscular awareness I now have from yoga, throughout my day. Its become second nature I guess. It’s amazing really, I just don’t feel stressed like I used to”.

For a great article on why men should do yoga, have a read of the link below by Andrew May, published in Executive Style magazine;


The image with this blog is of Ryan, one of our yoga teachers – he is a man!



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